The Remuneration Policy for the Nixu Corporation’s institutions was approved at the Annual General Meeting in 2020, on 7 April 2020. The Remuneration Policy is based on the Company’s business strategy and objectives. Its objective is to promote the Company’s business strategy, long-term financial success, and the sustainable growth in shareholder value.

Nixu Corporation's remuneration report has been prepared in accordance with Chapter 7, Section 7b of the Securities Markets Act. In addition, the Securities Market Association’s Finnish Corporate Governance Code and its regulations have been taken into account in the preparation of the Remuneration Report.


Nixu Corporation's Remuneration Policy (pdf)

2020 - Nixu Corporation's Remuneration Report (pdf)

2020 - Nixu Corporate Leadership Team Remuneration (pdf)


2019 - Nixu Corporation's Remuneration Statement (pdf)

2018 - Nixu Corporation's Remuneration Statement (pdf)

2017 - Nixu Corporation's Remuneration Statement (pdf)