All-employee share matching plan 2019–2021

All-Employee Matching Share Plan 2019–2021

Nixu has a growth strategy that includes a goal of being the best place to work for cybersecurity professionals. As part of this strategy, Nixu aims at encouraging employee ownership in the company.

The Board of Directors has resolved on the establishment of a matching share plan, the All-Employee Matching Share Plan 2019–2021, directed to all permanent employees of Nixu Corporation and its subsidiaries. The plan is to create an incentive for the Nixu employees to become shareholders or increase their shareholding in Nixu and thereby continue to strengthen and align the interests of the employees, Nixu and its shareholders. And in addition to share Nixu's success with its employees also through the possible increase in the share price and to drive One Nixu -thinking. The participation is voluntary.

Directed Share Issue 1/2019

The plan consists of a directed share issue against payment (Share Issue 1/2019) whereby Nixu employees are provided an opportunity to subscribe for 50 – 2000 new shares per employee, combined with the right of receiving one matching share free of consideration for each full two New Shares subscribed in the Share Issue after a two-year retention period. The maximum number of shares 100,000 that may be subscribed in the Share Issue is approximately 1.4 per cent of the company’s shares on a fully diluted basis.

Based on the authorization granted by the AGM held on April 25, 2018, the Board of Directors of Nixu Corporation has resolved to approve the Share Issue 1/2019.

Terms and conditions of Nixu Corporation's share issue 1/2019 (PDF)