Nixu as an investment

We make cyberspace a secure place.


CEO's review

Teemu Salmi's CEO's review for Q4 2022 on February 9, 2023


The updated strategy, launched in February 2023, goes under the name 'Next Nixu'. In accordance with the new strategy, Nixu is now guided by a new vision statement: We shape the future through cybersecurity for people, business, and society to achieve greatness. 


Rapid digitalization, geopolitical turbulence, increased legislation, and the rise of cybercrime continue to contribute to the growth of the cybersecurity market.

Key figures

In 2022, Nixu Group’s revenue stood at EUR 60,222 (51,809) thousand. 

Financial guidance 2023

Nixu estimates its revenue to be EUR 66–70 million and profitability to improve.


Dividend policy

The Board of Directors of Nixu has adopted a profit distribution policy on September 25, 2014.

Growth ambition 2023-2025

Nixu published its mid-term growth ambition for 2023–2025 in February 2023.