Nixu as an investment

Our mission is to keep the digital society running. 

Nixu as an investment

CEO's review

Petri Kairinen, Nixu CEO on August 17, 2017

Our growth in this six-month period was very high (+44%), thanks to both strong organic growth (+25%) and the acquisitions made (+19%).


Nixu wants to be a true cybersecurity partner for its clients, providing comprehensive services that will allow them to implement new digital services safely, despite the cyber threats. Our growth strategy is defined by three strategic development areas.


The key effects supporting the growth in cybersecurity markets are: digitalisation of the society, growth of cloud services and wireless connections, increase in cyber criminality and development of legislation.

Key figures

Janne Kärkkäinen, Nixu CFO on August 17, 2017

One of the key priorities in Nixu’s strategy is international growth, for which the foreign sales development figures are good indicatives.

Financial guidance

Nixu will strive to continue its growth faster than its market while maintaining profitability.

Dividend policy

The Board of Directors of Nixu has adopted a profit distribution policy on September 25, 2014.