Nixu as an investment

Our mission is to keep the digital society running. 


CEO's review

Petri Kairinen, Nixu CEO's review on April 15, 2021


Reflecting the company’s mission, “we keep the digital society running", the Nixu growth strategy will focus particularly on cybersecurity services for digital business transformation. Developing and delivering cybersecurity services that enable clients to utilize the opportunities provided by the Industrial Internet of Things and digital identities will be a key priority for Nixu.


The key effects supporting the growth in cybersecurity markets are: digitalisation of the society, growth of cloud services and wireless connections, increase in cyber criminality and development of legislation.

Key figures

In 2020, Nixu Group’s revenue stood at EUR 53,272 (51,168) thousand. Revenue increased by 4% from the previous year. The Group’s revenue growth came from acquisitions.

Financial guidance 2021

Nixu estimates its revenue to remain on the same level and its EBITDA to decrease from 2020.
Simultaneously investments to growth are increased.

Dividend policy

The Board of Directors of Nixu has adopted a profit distribution policy on September 25, 2014.

Growth ambition 2022 - 2025

Nixu published its mid-term growth ambition for 2022 - 2025 in September 2021.