Growth ambition for years 2023 to 2025

In February 2023, Nixu published its growth ambition statement, according to which Nixu aims at accelerated growth and improved profitability.

With an updated strategy to 2025, Nixu aims for revenue exceeding EUR 100 million and an adjusted EBIT of more than 10%. In addition, Nixu aims to have a more balanced geographical distribution of revenue and a higher share of recurring revenues (previously presented as continuous revenue).

Nixu’s new strategy, business, and new operating model will be explained to investors in more detail at Nixu’s virtual Capital Markets Day event during early spring 2023. 

  • The general business development will be supported by a stronger go-to-market focus and increased investment in service management, enabling Nixu to increase its footprint with existing clients.
  • The constantly evolving market for cybersecurity services offers Nixu good opportunities to complement organic growth with inorganic growth. There are many small and mid-sized players in the sector, so continued and accelerated mergers and acquisitions can be expected. Nixu intends to be one of the consolidators moving forward.
  • According to the strategy, Nixu will develop its strong presence in Sweden and Finland by targeting the markets with its full service offering. The company will focus on scaling its managed services business to increase the number of clients and market share. Furthermore, Nixu will target new markets, such as Norway, with specific spearhead services to grow its client footprint and eventually scale its business by introducing the full portfolio to the new markets.
  • Nixu believes that over the next few years, the market will continue its consolidation and mature while the clients will have confidence in only a few larger companies they partner with. Nixu has gained the position of a trusted partner among many of its clients. With this position, clients wish Nixu to solve ever more diverse challenges. Hence, Nixu’s holistic services expand the average size of a client relationship.

The growth levels defined above are intended to illustrate the ambition set by the company and its Board of Directors. They do not, however, replace the company's financial guidance on an annual basis.