In the organization of its administration, Nixu adheres to Finnish legislation such as the Limited Liability Companies Act and the Securities Markets Act, as well as the company’s Articles of Association. 


Articles of association

The Company is a Finnish publicly listed company and adheres to Finnish legislation. The official name of the Company is Nixu Corporation (in Finnish: Nixu Oyj).

General meeting

The shareholders primarily participate in the governance of Nixu through decisions made at the General Meeting. The decision on convening a General Meeting is taken by the Board of Directors.

Boards of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of Nixu and the appropriate organization of its operations.


The CEO is in charge of the day-to-day management of Nixu in accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act and instructions, orders and mandates issued by the Board.


In insider matters, Nixu complies with national and European union legislation applied to the First North companies, the standards of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Guidelines for Insiders of Listed Companies, and its own insider guideline.

Risk management and internal control

The purpose of Nixu’s risk management policy is to support the company’s strategic goals and ensure business continuity in the ever-changing business landscape.


According to the Articles of Association, Nixu has one regular auditing body, which must be a firm of accountants authorized by the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland.

Certified advisor

Nixu’s shares are listed on the First North Finland market of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy, which requires the appointment of a Certified Advisor (CA).