Financial guidance

Financial guidance for 2019

Nixu continues to emphasize the importance of growth and continues to invest heavily in growth projects. Supported by strong organic growth and the completed acquisitions, Nixu estimates its revenue to grow approximately 35% from the previous financial year. The full year EBITDA is estimated to improve significantly from the previous financial year.

Growth ambition for years 2020 to 2024

Target Level Time period
Organic revenue growth 15-25% per year 2020-2024
Inorganic revenue growth Approximately 10% per year 2020-2024
Revenue EUR 100 million 2021
Number of employees 1000 people 2023
EBITDA 15% of revenue 2024
Managed continuous services over 50% of revenue 2024
Market coverage in Northern Europe Five markets with over EUR 25 million 2024
  • Nixu believes its revenue growth will be strong, both organically and with the support of selected acquisitions. Revenue is aimed to achieve organic growth of 15% to 25% per annum. In addition, acquisitions are expected to generate an average annual growth rate of 10% during the strategy period. Through a combination of organic and inorganic growth, Nixu aims to reach a revenue level of EUR 100 million in 2021.
  • During a period of strong growth, Nixu will continue growth investments that weaken its annual result. As operational efficiency improves with scalability and the cost of the relative share of growth efforts reduces in the future, the company aims its EBITDA to reach 15% of revenue in 2024.
  • Development of personnel competence and new recruitment are key to Nixu's growth, although with the development of scalable services, revenue per person is estimated to grow by the end of the period. Nixu estimates that the 1,000-employee threshold will be reached in 2023.
  • The stronger growth of technology-based managed continuous services in comparison with consulting services is expected to lead to a higher share of Nixu's revenue from managed continuous services than from consultancy in 2024.
  • Nixu is expanding its operations in existing and new markets so that at least five market areas have revenue of EUR 25 million. In the existing markets, Nixu aims to consolidate the market through acquisitions, as has been done in Sweden.