Board of Directors

The principal duty of the Board of Directors is to adopt Nixu Corporation’s strategy and to monitor its implementation to ensure that it enables the achievement of financial targets and maximizes the shareholder value in the long run, while taking into consideration corporate social responsibility and various stakeholders.

The Company’s Board of Directors operates in accordance with the applicable laws and its Articles of Association. The operations of the Board of Directors are governed especially by the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and the Finnish Securities Markets Act as well as by orders, guidelines and recommendations issued by public authorities and Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (the “Helsinki Stock Exchange”). The Board of Directors also abides by the Corporate Governance Code issued by the Finnish Securities Market Association.

Charter of the Board of Directors

Audit Committee

The role of the Audit Committee is, among other things, to monitor the company's financial reporting process and the effectiveness of internal control, internal audit and risk management systems. On April 19, 2022, Nixu Corporation's Board of Directors elected from among its members Marko Kauppi as as Chair and Jari Niska and Anders Silwer as members of the Audit Committee.

Personnel and Remuneration Committee

Nixu Corporation’s Personnel and Remuneration Committee assists the Board of Directors in particular handling and preparing personnel and remuneration matters. On April 19, 2022, the Board of Directors elected Kati Hagros as Chair and Joakim Karske and Jari Niska as members of the Personnel and Remuneration Committee.


The members of the Board of Directors: Jari Niska, Marko Kauppi, Kati Hagros, Anders Silwer, and Joakim Karske are considered independent of the Company and its major shareholders. 

Insider holdings


Jari Niska

Jari Niska

Chairman of the Board since 2022 Member of the Board since 2021
  • MSc (Econ)
  • Born 1971

Professional experience: Solita Group Oy, Finnet Oy, Finnet Verkot Oy, Sandvik Tamrock Oy.

 Jari Niska served at, the technology, data and design company, Solita between 2004 - 2020, first as CFO and then as CEO for more than 12 years. Solita’s growth story under his leadership was a great Finnish success story: the company increased its turnover from €10 million to more than €130 million and grew from a 100-person software company to an expert company with more than 1,000 employees in six countries. Currently, Jari serves as a Board Professional and Management Advisor: He is a Board member of Solita Group Oy, Chairman of The Board of Bolt Group Oy, Board member of Cloudpermit Oy and Board member of Tampere Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Marko Kauppi

Marko Kauppi

Deputy Chair of the Board since 2014
  • Member of the Board since 2011
  • MSc (Econ)
  • Born 1970

Professional experience: University of Vaasa, ABB, Opstock, Enskilda Securities, Mandatum, Arvo Omaisuudenhoito.

After starting his career in academia, Marko took a more industry-oriented path by joining ABB, and moved to the financial sector some years later. He worked for 12 years in brokerage and banking. Since 2009, Marko has been an entrepreneur, managing his company Tenendum Oy and serving on the Board of Directors of several companies.

Kati Hagros

Kati Hagros

Member of the Board since 2014
  • MSc in Social Sciences and MSc in Technology
  • Born 1970

Professional experience: BNL Information Oy, Nokia Corporation, KONE Corporation, Aalto University.

Kati has had a long international career in the high tech industry. She has extensive experience from various managerial positions in e-business, IT, and other related areas. She is currently the Chief Digital Officer of Aalto University. In 2014, she received the Finnish CIO of the Year and the Nordic CIO of the Year awards, and was recently named among the top 50 most inspirational women in Nordic tech. Additionally, Kati serves as the Chair of the Board at the Research Foundation of Helsinki University of Technology.

Anders Silwer

Anders Silwer

Member of the Board since 2019

Lieutenant General (Res)
Born 1959

Professional experience: Air Force Inspector 2008-2011, Chief of Joint Operations 2011-2012 and Chief Joint Training and Development 2013-2017 in the Swedish Defence Force. Member of the Board at Advenica AB and Swedish Fortifications Administration.

Anders has a long career in the Swedish Defence Forces and is still a reserve officer. After retiring from active duty he established his own consulting company, Anders Silwer AB. Anders´ contribution to the Nixu Board includes his extensive knowledge of public administration in Sweden, a wide network of contacts and his interest in the rising importance of cyber defense.

Jaya Baloo

Joakim Karske

Member of the Board since 2022
  • Master of Arts
  • Born 1963

Professional experience: Design Forum Finland, hasan&co, OP Financial Group,
Nokia, Volvo Cars, Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz

Joakim Karske is among the most widely experienced design and brand leaders in Finland. He has solid experience in developing a customer-oriented culture, product and service offering, customer experience and brand as head of design and brand at Nokia, Vertu, and OP Financial Group, among others. Karske has held several positions of trust on the boards and advisory boards of Business Finland, The Association for Finnish Work, Marimekko, Sini, Helkama Velox, Saka, Korpinen, and LocalTapiola, among others.

Karske has experience in the international automotive, mobile, and technology industries, financial and services business, healthcare, fashion and consumer business, B2B, and consulting, among others.