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Didn't find a suitable position? Even if there are no open positions currently available, you can send an open application

Even if there are no suitable open positions currently available, you can send an open application. We are always interested in talented security professionals or future stars and professionals on other business and competence areas as well.

Nixu aims to become the most relevant information security organization in northern Europe. Our professionals work in challenging consultant assignments, developing and reviewing the information security operating environments of our clients. We all share a single basic idea: not to brag vainly, but to focus on working for a secure society. Our most important work often attracts the least attention, but we are content to appreciate our own achievements and we are satisfied that we have done what we promised to do. 


We offer a place where you can find meaningful work, have fun, be inspired and respected. We are an international cross-professional organization where you can develop your expertise and find your potential. With us you will have the opportunity to gain experience from multiple areas of cybersecurity and business understanding of several industries.

At Nixu we believe in the culture of empowerment and we value professionalism in all of its dimensions. Our organization model supports sharing knowledge, working and learning without unit barriers. We are all different, but equal. We offer the ability to balance professional challenges with personal life and also provide you a possibility to choose where you want to work and how. In addition to professional growth, we have a large number of hobby clubs from flying drones to ski trips where you can find your potential.

Please note that working on a security industry may require Employer to request a personnel security clearance by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.


We are waiting for your application! Create a profile and attach your CV and cover letter with salary wish.


Nixu Oyj on kyberturvayritys. Huolehdimme asiakkaidemme kyberturvallisuudesta sisäisen tietohallinnon, sähköisen liiketoiminnan sekä teollisen internetin ratkaisualueilla. Asiakasorganisaatiomme luottavat osaamiseemme hankkeissa, joissa edellytetään tietoturvan suunnittelua, toteutusta tai tarkastusta. Varmistamme asiakkaidemme tietojen luottamuksellisuuden, liiketoiminnan jatkuvuuden sekä sähköisten palvelujen toimivuuden ennakoimalla ja ehkäisemällä kyberturvallisuuteen liittyviä riskejä.