Whitepaper: How companies get compromised?


The everyday life of cyber incidents and how to protect your business from them

Data breaches are happening every minute. Companies worldwide are thinking: Have we been compromised? The real question for most cases is, how have we been compromised, and why does it matter? How a successful cyber-attack affects the targeted organization varies but based on recent examples, the impact can be very significant and costly.

How to protect your business then? There’s a three-step model to handle cyber-attacks: 1. Detect, 2. Respond, 3. Adapt. To protect your business successfully, you must view security as a continuous process and have an active plan ready and available.

Download our whitepaper, which explains how to detect, respond, and adapt in practice in more detail.

If you are further interested in Managed Detection and Response technologies, take a look at Gartner’s publication, Ask These Critical Questions and Consider These Risks When Selecting an MDR Provider.


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