Nixu Security Lead

Building information security in existing systems is expensive. Our information security and software development experts will help you address security matters already during software development.

A secure piece of software only does what it is intended to do, and is secure against misuse or attacks against itself or its users. Software security is ensured by following good practices throughout the software development process. These practices are reinforced with a software development process designed to promote security.

Nixu Security Lead service improves the customer’s software development method by introducing new security-enhancing elements in existing development methods, such as Scrum. These elements can be tailored to customer needs. Some of the elements we have introduced in the past include threat workshops, exploratory reviews and developer coaching in secure practices. Security Lead provides internal support and guidance for the development team, sparring with the team to ensure a secure software delivery.

Provided as a continuous service, Security Lead not only steers the developers in a single project’s information security issues, but also helps improve their architectural solutions and software development processes. Individual projects can be supported by assessing the maturity of the developer team’s security solutions and practices. These assessments provide observations that are relevant also to the organisation's other development projects

Security guidance for your contracted supplier

The developer team you have engaged may not be proficient in information security. In fact, more often than not, it is not even required in the delivery contract. Our information security expert checks that the team addresses relevant considerations, provides guidance and inspects the products.

Security level verification

The best way to verify the security level of a system under development is to look into the architecture and program code of the software and to review the process leading to its completion. During a White-Box Security Review, the status of the current project is systematically analysed.

Rescuing a vulnerable system

Finding ways for fixing issues detected during an audit can be challenging, and the fixes may prove extremely work-intensive. Nixu’s expertise in software security control implementation will help you not only to find appropriate solutions for security issues, but also the most efficient way to implement them.

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