Industrial Internet

Secure solutions for the implementation of the services of industrial Internet.
The evolution of industrial Internet means new business solutions, through which industrial devices automatically communicate with each other. Industrial Internet will change company business models and earning logics when equipment, production lines, means of transport and maintenance operations are networking. 
Reliability and fault tolerance must be outstanding as industrial systems vital to businesses and the society are linked with each other over the Internet. In addition to reliability, key challenges include the prevention of industrial espionage and cyber threats. Owing to the long lifespan of industrial systems, a single major challenge is also imposed by the integration of old production systems into the new, networked architecture.
We help our customers find reliable, secure solutions for the implementation of the services of industrial Internet. We support our customers’ operations by offering secure communication channels and secure software development, and models to protect human capital in an international partnership network. We also monitor the information security of our customers’ production networks. We provide our customers with new business models by efficiently securing their information security. To ensure that a crane sold to a customer can communicate service needs to its manufacturer, the port operator using it must be convinced of the security of such communications.

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