Cybersecurity Management

As society has become more digitalized the cybersecurity threat landscape has become more complex than ever before. Attackers can target local enterprises from anywhere around the globe using sophisticated techniques that are easily available.

With the change in landscape the demand for information security professionals has grown, making it increasingly difficult to find the right resources to manage the risks associated with these threats. Often information security and IT professionals are involved in development projects while putting out fires and supporting production and improving the security level as well as maintaining service governance and reporting. This should be done at a technical level understanding what tools and technologies can be utilized as well as an administrative level to help identify and discuss the risk level involved. Too often one of these areas is prioritized, while others are left behind.

We have proven methodologies to help enterprises ramp up their cybersecurity program, support their existing system, or provide a specific service to complement their cybersecurity operations.

Ramping up the Cybersecurity Program

Often enterprises are not quite confident on their level of information security. Instead they trust that everything is in order since no incidents have been discovered and the traditional firewalls and antiviruses are up and running. Generally, IT or the information security manager spends his time maintaining the existing systems while providing support for the rest of the organization as needed.

Too often however no one has a clear picture on what the posture of the information security level is. When investments are made in cybersecurity, they are hard to be justified and it is unclear whether they mitigate the most relevant and impactful threats.

We have a long history of helping our customers kick start their cybersecurity posture. We help customers in:

  1. Understanding the business impact and designing a cybersecurity management system
  2. Identifying and evaluating cybersecurity risks
  3. Auditing current systems and critical applications

As a result, organizations generally have a better idea on what their current cybersecurity threat landscape and roadmap is, and can start implementing it immediately to achieve quick wins.

Additional Resources to Help Manage Cybersecurity

Finding the right cybersecurity skills for an organization can be difficult, as the optimal candidate would need to not only have a wide variety of technical and project management skills but also capabilities to discuss the associated risks of cybersecurity at an administrative level to enterprise risk management.

We provide the suitable amount of support depending on your need from assisting the CISO putting out fires and helping with development projects to an overall cybersecurity management system. In our model we offer a one stop interface for all the cybersecurity challenges concerning your organization. With this model we can manage your overall security by flexibly resourcing specific specialists from the full capabilities of Nixu from penetration testing and secure software development to administrative and privacy consulting.

Complementing Cybersecurity Management with Specific Services

As the threat landscape evolves, new risks may rise that compromise the whole enterprise in a new fashion if not mitigated. To handle this a specific solution with specific resources may be needed, which may be difficult or sub-optimal to build in-house.

We provide a wide variety of managed services to help enterprises address even their most complex cybersecurity challenges. Our services range from log management to a full security event and incident management (SIEM) solution operating around the clock complemented by an incident response team. Furthermore, we can help with next generation end user cybersecurity management, operating enterprise or consumer identity and access management, or continually scanning your internal and external perimeters identifying vulnerabilities using the same methodologies as the malicious attackers do. Or in case you prefer to run these operations in house, we can help you set up your specific cybersecurity solution.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you manage your cybersecurity? Please contact us to discuss in more detail.