Consumer Business

In digital services for consumers, the conversion rate from visitor to paying customer defines how much profit can be generated. When the customer once has been converted, putting efforts on customer loyalty helps to keep the overall marketing spend reasonable.

Customer experience

When conversion rate and customer loyalty needs to be increased, the consumer’s digital identity is in the center of it all. Only with well implemented digital identity management, digital consumer services can achieve best customer experience, in web, mobile and brick-and-mortar, and gain significant efficiency improvements in sales and marketing:

  • Least intrusive onboarding process for customers
  • Easy login of returning customer
  • Personalization of omnichannel customer experience
  • Strong authentication of payment transaction
  • Progressive profiling and consent management
  • Linking of digital identity with CRM and analytics systems and processes

Consumer privacy

Collecting and analyzing customer data is one of the corner stones of digital business. When consumers can be identified with digital identity management on a deeper level than with cookies, the profile and behavioral data quality dramatically improves.

It must be ensured that collection of customer data is done according to law (e.g. EU GDPR) and that the customers feel they are in control of their own data and benefit of giving their personal information to the service provider.

Customer data is collected and analyzed through many different business process and system. The data might also get transitioned to partners or public authorities, when the business needs ensure that also that the events of release comply with the data protection requirements.

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Information security

Information about means of payment or transactions, digital customer data and intellectual property are today much more profitable and less risky targets for criminals than physical theft or heists.

Business systems should at least be protected with the following ways:

In addition, most critical systems should be also monitored to detect data leakage and information security breaches, for example with Nixu Cyber Defense Center.