Streamline and secure ICT management

Identity and Access Management solutions (IAM solutions) enable IT and its service provider personnel to concentrate their focus on more productive tasks.

Management of user accounts and access rights employ IT organizations heavily. At the same time in a hectic business environment access management policies and procedures, approved by the organization, should be followed precisely.

Cost savings with automation

The creation, modification or deletion of user accounts and access rights can be automated on the basis of information provided by HR and CRM systems.

In addition to the fact that automation reduces routine workload, the entire performance of an organization becomes more efficient as the turnaround time of access right changes is reduced. The automated execution of user and access rights, so called provisioning, cuts also the number of mistakes in the target system and reduces the risk resulting from too broad access rights of personnel that have accumulated over time.

Managing privileged access rights

Privileged access rights, so called admin-user rights, pose a serious threat, that is difficult to manage. Privileged Access Management –solutions (PAM) enable a safe usage of privileged access rights, including e.g. the usage of shared user accounts of network devices.

With PAM solutions, it is possible to limit the risks related to the organization, but at the same time e.g. the legal protection enhances for the IT personnel using shared user accounts.

Nixu’s Identity Access Management experts offer you their extensive expertise in the area of access right management automation and risks associated with access right management. Together we can design a cost-effective solution and implement it with most suitable technologies