Streamline and secure business processes

The digitalization of enterprises requires a lot from the access management. The effectiveness and continuity of business processes require that staff and partners have a correct and timely access.

Insufficient access rights hinder employees to perform tasks and lower labor productivity. Missing or incorrect access to business critical applications slow down business processes. On the contrary, too extensive rights increase the risk of intentional or unintentional security incidents. Access management is often estimated also by auditors.

In the bottom line, identity and access management is all about managing the process through the entire organization. An effective access management requires cooperation in the fields of human resource, information, and risk management.

The access management development begins from the definition of principles. The principles approved by the management provide a backbone for the identity management processes, which ensures that operations are efficient and reliable within access management. The process cascade can be based on manual processing, but often access management software solution is a worthwhile investment.

An access or identity management solution accelerates process lead times, reduces manual work, and helps to ensure compliance with the processes. Nixu can help to get your organization on the right track with Nixu’s digital identity management roadmap.