Security Operations Center (SOC)

Information security landscape is constantly changing. New threats are arising, existing ones are taking new forms and some disappear when world changes. Within this constantly changing landscape information security measures must also change. A Security Operations Center (SOC) is the operational element that enables this. SOC is a centralized function where security threats are monitored, contained and remediated.

Security Operations Center is a function that every organization should have in some form. Constant monitoring of security threats and the ability to mitigate is the only way to maintain organizations’ security. There are several different ways how SOC function can be implemented. Some organizations have they own SOC with dedicated personnel, premises and tools while some buy it as a service from third party security companies. Some have a full-blown SOC with all the modern prevention, detection and remediation tools while most just have a simple monitoring of critical security events. No matter which approach your company chooses to take Nixu can help you.
A modern SOC is not just about monitoring security; it is as much or even more about the ability to handle security threats. Handling modern security threats such as targeted attacks or even modern malware attacks is not a trivial task. Basic security tools like firewalls and antivirus will not help you. You need trained security professional that are able to lead the investigation and who have special tools required.
But before you can react you must also be able to detect. When building an in-house SOC or buying it as a service it is important to make sure that you get both the ability to detect and the ability to react. It is also important to understand that there are no silver bullets or single products that will make your organization safe. You need balanced mixture of good tools, processes and specially trained people.
Nixu provides a wide set of SOC related services that support SOC operations and services that help organizations to build SOC. Nixu has been involved in several SOC definitions and building projects and Nixu provides operational security services such as CSIRT to several SOCs. As an independent security consultancy Nixu has a good capability to operate in multivendor environments.

Building a SOC?

Building a SOC is not a small project. There are tons of things that are needed for operational SOC even if you start out small.
On the implementation side Nixu can help you to implement:
• Advanced threat detection and mitigation
• Log storage
• Incident management system
• DDoS mitigation
• Situational awareness


Operational SOC services

Operating a successful SOC requires constant development and adaption to evolving threat landscape.  Nixu offers wide range of services that support SOC operations. These services are designed in a way that they can be easily adopted into existing SOC operations.
Nixu services that support SOC operations:
• Security Incident Response
• Forensics
• Vulnerability management
• Security intelligence
• Advanced threat monitoring
• SIEM as a service

Advanced threat monitoring and mitigation service (Nixu ATMM)

Nixu’s advanced threat monitoring and mitigation service (ATMM) is a flexible and cost efficient way to ramp-up organization’s SOC capability.

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Operational view to status of information security.
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Situational awareness & Network Security

Continuous information security monitoring and high security network implementations.
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24/7 Security Incident Response Service
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