PCI Preparation

PCI Preparation service is the initial step to PCI compliance. We train the personnel to understand PCI and its requirements, perform a gap analysis and create a roadmap for compliance.

PCI Preparation is ideal for organizations that are planning to start their compliance work, but don’t have a clear idea of where to start. As part of the service, we train the customer’s key personnel about PCI and its requirements. We focus on minimizing the customer’s PCI environment (scope) so that compliance can be achieved more cost effectively. The most important outcome of the service is a roadmap that contains clear tasks to be performed in order to become compliant. For each task, a cost estimate is provided and responsibilities defined. The roadmap can be further refined to become a project plan. 

The next step after the PCI Preparation phase is usually remediation phase. We offer Nixu Catalyst service to support this phase, and to ensure that compliance can be maintained also after the assessment.

PCI Preparation

First steps to PCI DSS

For organizations that are new to PCI and not yet compliant, we recommend the PCI Preparation service. For organizations familiar with PCI, compliant or non-compliant, we recommend the Catalyst service to help achieve and/or maintain compliance, even with multiple standards.

Data Discovery

As part of this service, Nixu has performed hundreds of cardholder data discovery assignments. The discovery reveals whether or not a system (such as POS) stores cardholder data in clear text. See also Nixu’s e-Discovery service.

Scans and penetration tests

For large enterprises, we recommend our Watson service that is ASV approved. For smaller organizations, quarterly ASV scans can be offered in conjunction with the PCI Onsite Assessment service. We also provide internal network scans and PCI Penetration tests. 

PCI Onsite Assessment

The official PCI DSS assessment service since 2006.
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Nixu Watson

Effortless vulnerability management for CISO.
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Nixu Catalyst

Service to maintain and improve compliance status continuously.
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