Nixu White Hat Partner

Organisations carry out regular security audits of their systems. With centralised, efficient audit planning, management and result tracking, all critical audits are performed on time and the results are used to the best possible effect.

Information security auditors are called white hats or white-hat hackers. Major corporations have their own white hat teams, who constantly scan the company information systems for vulnerabilities and report them for fixing.

Nixu's White Hat service provides such a team at your disposal. A White Hat Partner will help you prioritise audits and helps to ensure that the resulting statistical information, trends and security overviews promote the maturity of the entire organisation. We will also monitor the progress of addressing the detected issues.

Our audits are scheduled according to an annual clock, and involve both applications and the infrastructure layers beneath them. If your organisation needs audits more frequently than once every two months, our White Hat Partner service is a sensible option. With White Hat Partner, you can be sure that you get the most out of your audits.

System audits: application and infrastructure assessments

Organisations regularly update existing and implement new solutions in both internal and public networks. When considering a third party audit on different software layers, we recommend using a reliable partner which provides a comprehensive view to your security status.

Audit management

A completed audit is of very little use if the report is left lying in the service provider's desk drawer. Capture the benefits with audit management and by tracking audit results and the progress of issue resolution.

The White Hat concept

From the initial stages of planning to the final report, expertise is a clear benefit for the entire audit process. With the help of an expert you will be able to reduce costs by focusing your audits on where they count. The best results can be achieved by assessing the entire threat environment with a competent partner.

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