Nixu Watson

New vulnerabilities are discovered daily. Offered as a service, Nixu Watson provides effortless vulnerability management capabilities for the company CISO.

Organizations utilize increasing amount of different information systems and devices in daily operations. Vulnerability management is a process where vulnerabilities in these are identified and their life cycles are tracked.

Know your vulnerability level

Nixu Watson will determine your vulnerability level and tell you how resilient your information systems and networks are against common threats. Our experts analyze discovered vulnerabilities and give recommendations how to address them.

Vulnerability news and trends

Our experts keep you posted about current and upcoming vulnerability and attack trends so you can proactively prepare and act on protecting your environments.

Manage risks, ensure corrective actions

Nixu Watson translates technical vulnerability data to executive decisions on information security.

As a continuous service, Nixu Watson can help you verify the effectiveness of service provider’s information security management processes.


Nixu Watson is a PCI ASV-certified vulnerability scanning service. Continuous scans between official ASV scans help to ensure that our customer’s PCI environment is already compliant with the current PCI requirements.

Continuous vulnerability management

Thanks to Nixu Watson, our customers can manage vulnerabilities even when vulnerability scanning is impossible. Vulnerabilities can be tracked in known platforms and environments.

Nixu Watson monitors vulnerabilities in:
  • servers
  • workstations
  • network appliances
  • platforms, as long as their components are known (e.g. as a part of product development).


Situational awareness & Network Security

Continuous information security monitoring and high security network implementations.
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Secure Software Development & Procurement

Ensure software security already during the development stage.
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