Nixu Tiger Team

Engage an information security team as a service. We will sign you up for an annual contract: we will coach your team and secure your information. We will lead your information security and make sure that everything works and that you stay up to speed.

Top retail chains test the sales behaviour of their employees by using continuous mystery shopping. This ensures that company practices are followed.

Nixu Tiger Team works on the same principle and will shift your information security up to a new gear. We do not simply write security guidelines based on identified risks, we push matters forward by giving instant feedback. We also employ proven models to guarantee that processes and people perform as expected and that management is always up to speed. Once we have secured your operations, we will attack you aggressively to see how your defences will hold. In addition to testing your systems, we will test your personnel using social hacking.


We focus on real threats. The quest for completely risk-free operations is an expensive form of self delusion. We will find a sensible balance between your budget and your information security policies.

We will also help you procure the right information security products at the right price.

By signing an annual contract, you will reinforce your security organisation with a top team of specialists led by an experienced service manager – or even replace it altogether. Flexible, versatile and economical, Nixu Tiger Team will guarantee success for your information security.

How to start

First, Nixu Tiger Team will assess the current state of your information security. Our experts will analyse the current state of your information security as well as its main development areas with your IT department. This assessment will provide a mutual understanding of the services required and demonstrates the proficiency of Nixu's experts.Together, and based on the assessment, we will formulate an annual contract regarding the management of your information security.

Nixu will help you manage your information security

Nixu is the only information security management partner you will need. Based on our years of experience, we provide reliable service tailored to your needs.

Nixu Security Support

Get support for your information security issues through a single point of contact.
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24/7 Security Incident Response Service
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