Nixu Security Support

Easy to adopt, Nixu's information security support service provides a reliable point of contact for issues, questions and minor improvements regarding information security. Our support service will help you address a wide variety of information security problems, such as those related to compliance, procurement and security incident management.

Addressing information security issues often requires special knowledge. Security issues related to compliance management or process development are challenging, and security incidents require investigative skills, forensic analysis and special corrective measures. The root cause of your information security problems may be insufficient information security management or the lack of controls over vital processes. If this is the case, knowing how to incorporate information security in your everyday operations is essential. Maintaining a skilled and comprehensive information security support team is expensive and involves constant training.

By outsourcing your information security support, you can adapt its scope exactly to your needs and it will support your business continuity when the inevitable problem occurs. You will have Nixu's entire information security expertise at your disposal, providing economical, professional and proactive solutions to your problems. Almost all problems arising from information security issues can be managed through our continuous support service along with minor improvements in the information security of your business processes. Outsourcing your information security support frees up your organisation's information management resources for internal development, information security leadership and risk management.


24/7 Security Incident Response Service
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Nixu Tiger Team

Sensible information security for your organisation.
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