Nixu Catalyst

Nixu Catalyst is intended for organizations with one or more compliance requirement sets. The increased regulation and ever-changing standards add an additional risk to an organization. Catalyst helps the Customer in maintaining, improving and supporting compliance and the associated risks.

Nixu Catalyst service execution is divided into phases. First two phases prepare the rollout of the Compliance Management service while last two phases include achieving and maintaining compliance. The first phase maps the requirements i.e. compares different sets of requirements and identifies the scope for each set of requirements. A Compliance Governance model is planned and implemented during the second phase. The second phase identifies also the actual compliance status by performing a gap analysis.

After the two phases a remediation phase may be required. The remediation phase is a separate project that usually requires a project manager. Nixu Catalyst supports the compliance project and ensures that compliance can be maintained even after this phase. The fourth phase is the actual compliance management phase. This phase gradually starts after or during the remediation phase and builds the processes and procedures required for compliance. This phase is ongoing i.e. a continuous service.


PCI DSS compliance management

Nixu Catalyst has been successfully utilized in large PCI DSS assignments.

Security standards

Nixu consultants have experience from multiple standards such as PCI DSS, PA-DSS, ISO27000, Katakri, Tietoturvatasot.

PCI Preparation

First step to PCI compliance.
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PCI Onsite Assessment

The official PCI DSS assessment service since 2006.
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The Finnish government’s information security levels and ICT contingency planning

Ensuring compliance with the Finnish Vahti guidelines and information security regulations.
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