Information Security Management

All companies must implement effective yet practical controls for ensuring product quality and the continuity of operations. Some of these controls are used for maintaining the security and quality of information processing. Are your information security controls suitable for your needs? What are they and what is their current state?

In some companies, information security work may be erratic when it should be a well-managed, continuous process. Having a comprehensive information security policy may be good, but it will be of little use without considering how to enforce it in day-to-day operations.

Maintaining good information security is a continuous process. A functional information security management system (ISMS) allows companies to easily react to the constantly changing operational environment. Information security controls should be economical and they should focus on relevant processes. A well-implemented information security system also allows your company to monitor the state of key controls and thus promote security awareness.
Nixu develops and maintains information security management systems both on a project basis and as a continuous service. The continuous service model streamlines budgeting and promotes the development of information security over the long term. A professional information security team led by a service manager will assume responsibility for managing your information security. We will lead your information security and make sure that everything works and that you stay up to speed.
ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Our information security management system is based on the principles of the ISO 27000 standard. The implementation is also supported by other frameworks, such as COBIT, ITIL, the Finnish national information security level and VAHTI guidelines, The Finnish national security auditing criteria KATAKRI as well as various industry-specific standards.

Support for your information security

Nixu provides information security support as a continuous service. The service provides a point of contact for your everyday information security issues. In addition to incident response and third party management, we will help you improve your IT processes and address everyday problems, both small and large.