Information security awareness

Nixu's Information security awareness service provides an efficient way of incorporating business insight to your employees' information security awareness. Establishing information security as a part of your company's processes involves the entire organisation, and maintaining a sufficient level of security is a responsibility shared by everyone.

Information security awareness training is often associated with long-winded PowerPoint presentations focusing on the selection of secure passwords. Often a single information security session during new employee orientation is considered sufficient for maintaining information security awareness.

This assumption is incorrect. Maintaining good information security awareness is a continuous process, and practices and principles learned during new employee orientation must be constantly refreshed and updated. However, additional awareness training should be directed to those employees who need it, as information processing responsibilities vary considerably from one team to another. Proper focus improves information security awareness without increasing cost and promotes continuous improvement in company operations.

Our services include information security awareness training and advisory services for improving information security communications as well as comprehensive projects for improving your company's information security awareness. Our training packages are tailored to customer needs.

ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Our information security management system is based on the principles of the ISO 27000 standard. The implementation is also supported by other frameworks, such as COBIT, ITIL, the Finnish national information security level and VAHTI guidelines, The Finnish national security auditing criteria KATAKRI as well as various industry-specific standards.

Support for your information security

Nixu provides information security support as a service. The service will serve as a point of contact for everyday information security issues. In addition to incident response and third party management, we will help you improve the information security of your ICT processes and address everyday problems small and large.

Continuous improvement

There are several ways of improving the security awareness of your employees. The goal is to maintain awareness as a continuous, integral part of the company's established practices. This means you can be sure your employees are aware of the responsibilities involved in information processing.

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