Digital Identity Roadmap

Nixu’s efficient IAM Roadmap keeps your identity and access management (IAM) development in correct track. Well designed IAM processes and solutions strengthen your business and lowers risks.

With solutions for Digital Identity and Access Management (IAM) it is possible to gain significant benefits for your business. Internal operations are improved with streamlined processes and risks regarding access rights of employees are reduced. Web and mobile services offered for B2B customers, partners or consumers benefit of better customer experience and higher conversion rates, as well as secure use of services.
Projects developing identity and access management are rather complex. A successful IAM-project requires careful preparation, where at least the following subject matters are examined: Policy, business requirements, processes, architecture and solutions.
The most rapid and efficient way to move forward with IAM development is the Nixu IAM Roadmap.
IAM Roadmap
Nixu IAM Roadmap is a fixed-price service that lasts four calendar weeks. As a result you will gain a comprehensive understanding about the current state of your organization’s identity and access management, business requirements and the desired state of IAM. For reaching the desired state, you will receive a roadmap, which prevents your organization getting lost in IAM projects.
Nixu IAM Roadmap is suitable for all areas of IAM: Employees’ identities and access, B2B extranets, and consumer services.


Digital B2B services
  • Enhanced service experience
  • Responsibility of access rights is moved to customer or partner organization
  • Minimal manual work
Employees’ identities and access
  • Streamlined processes for implementing access rights
  • Reduced manual work
  • Correct access rights througout the user’s life cycle
  • Reporting and compliance
Digital services for consumers
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Low gap for conversion
  • Full utilization of customer information