Digital Identity for Consumers (CIAM)

How well do you know your consumer customers? By grasping the concept of digital identities you can convert your visitors into customers and make better business by leveraging customer data.

With a Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) you can turn your anonymous visitor into loyal customers in digital consumer services. Knowing your customer enables you to provide great, channel independent, customer experience which is tailored for the exact customer.

Digital view to customer

Consumer IAM helps you to know you customers better. The most efficient way to collect information is directly from the customers themselves as well as from social media channels, still always making sure that the customer is in control of the usage of the their personal data.

Digital identity that covers all customer paths makes a phased enrichment of customer information possible and helps to increase trust for the consumer as all seemingly irrelevant information is not collected at once, e.g. during account registration.

In omnichannel business the digital identity covers all channels. For example, digital identity makes it possible that the check-out process can follow the customer seamlessly from one channel to another.

Better business with customer data

Digital identity harnesses the customer data into the use of business. With better customer data you can also make better business, for example by:

  • Making a relevant customer experience in all channels, from brick-and-mortar to web and mobile.
  • Getting better results in direct and content marketing.
  • Having the ability to identify most profitable customers and hold on to them.
  • Supporting a smooth check-out process.

By having a digital identity management strategy, you can leverage customer data in the best possible way.

Avoid common pitfalls

With customer data comes responsibility of data protection and privacy. Customer data can and must be collected, but data protection must be taken into account in business systems’ design and operation.

With good planning and right solutions you can cover risks related to customer data. By having transparency and by giving the control of personal data to the customers, you can build trust in your customers and ensure even better business.

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