Digital Identity for B2B and collaboration

Do you know how much time is wasted on managing customerships and your partners’ accounts? The time spent on resetting passwords, creating user accounts and managing authorizations would be better spent on developing business services instead.

Customer and partner users’ effectiveness at work suffers when they have to wait for user accounts to be opened or are expected to remember a multitude of passwords. Rarely used credentials are also easy to forget, which leads to handling constant password resets and thereby raises overall administration costs.

Delegating user management to main users of customers and partners reduces the amount of administration work done by the service provider. Authorization management also becomes more flexible when incorporated in the external organization’s processes.
The following solutions are essential for external user access management:
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Device-independent access
Device-dependent versatile authentication
Delegated administration
Self-services, such as registration and password reset
Following benefits are achieved by implementing the aforementioned items:
Competitive edge by providing agile digital services
Enhanced customer experience
Reduced external user management costs
Increased security, especially when using own devices (BYOD)
Reliable audit trail


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