Digital Identity

Identity and Access Management (IAM) covers the principles, processes and technology solutions that enable companies to streamline and secure their business, both internally, and externally.

Successful projects in the area of digital identities require extensive know-how and, above all, experience. We offer Northern Europe's most extensive knowledge and skills to ensure your business the best results.

Below we describe four ways how the digital identity will help you in developing and protecting your business.


Smooth business processes


Business productivity depends on the effectiveness and continuity of business processes. All employees who are involved in business processes must have the correct permissions to business-critical information systems. Incomplete permissions or delays in setting access rights cause inefficiency in business processes. Reckless rights management, in turn, poses a risk to the process continuity.

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Boost digital business


In digital business, transactions need to be smooth and channel independent. In digital consumer services, good customer knowledge is the key to good customer experience, and building a profitable business. In turn, in the B2B services, shifting the user and rights management to client organization reduces costs, but it is also important from the liability issues point of view.
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Optimizing ICT management with automation


The management of user accounts and access rights ties ICT experts to spend too much of their time on routine work. With identity and access rights management automation, experts’ time and effort can be released for more productive work and at the same time the risks associated with access rights decrease. 

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Managing privileged user rights


Privileged access rights, so called admin-user rights, and e.g. shared network user accounts form a significant security threat, that is one of the most difficult to manage.
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End-user IdM services

Efficient, easy to use end-user services significantly increase the value of an IdM-solution through distributed management of user rights. Nixu Personas brings the end-user UI to a new level.

Extranet service for a Finnish operator

Nixu has delivered an authentication and organization and user management solution to a Finnish operator, based on SSO and IdM products. Co-operation and development continues through Nixu’s Solution Support service.

Secure user management in cloud services

The need to store passwords in cloud services can be removed with your own authentication service. We also make sure that your cloud user management is secure and efficient.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Operational view to status of information security.
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Nixu Personas

Improve usability and efficiency by integrating identity management with your business processes
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Situational awareness & Network Security

Continuous information security monitoring and high security network implementations.
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