Collaborator security audit

Collaborators usually play a crucial role in almost any organization’s ability to perform its duties. While contracts may include security requirements for collaborators, the actual implementation may not be adequate.

The Collaborator Security Audit Service provides customers possibility to verify that security status of their partners and collaborators does not create unacceptable risks, the contractual requirements for security are followed and that the processes and security governance of collaborators is sound and according to industry best practices.

Nixu auditor will identify business critical assets, which are exposed to collaborators, and either verifies that contractually agreed security controls are protecting these assets or that the assets are protected based on industry best practices. The audit is performed as an on-site audit where the collaborator’s facilities are visited. The auditor will use a risk-based approach in the evaluation process and as a result provides customers a report of the status with clear business impact and realistic proposals for corrective actions to mitigate found risks.

This service is part of a larger Nixu offering for managing security of the whole lifecycle of external entities. 

Nixu has performed dozens of collaborator audits abroad during the last three years. In some cases, the findings have been so severe that our customers have decided to cease cooperation with the collaborator until the issues have been remediated.

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