Business Continuity & Risk Management

Are you aware of the risks threatening the continuity of your operations? Do you know the risks your subcontractors represent to your business? Is your company compliant with the constantly changing EU information security requirements?

Operational risk management supports your organisation’s decision-making by identifying and responding to threats that may have an adverse effect on the organisation’s operations or goals. 

Risk management is not a project. The goal is to create a process for managing the risks related to conducting business in an environment comprised of stakeholder networks while ensuring compliance with contracts, national and international legislation and industry regulations. 

No matter how extensive your risk management is, nothing can stop an excavator from cutting through your service provider’s telecommunications cable or your cloud service provider from declaring bankruptcy. Up-to-date, well-tested business continuity and recovery plans ensure that you will be able to continue your operations even if something unexpected happens. 

Nixu has provided an answer to the challenges of operation risk and business continuity management. We will assess your operational risks and develop methods for managing them. We will implement and test continuity plans for services, processes, information systems or for your entire organisation. We will make sure that your subcontractors fulfil their contractual obligations. 

Our service quality is based on the expertise of our employees, our proven methods and deep understanding of our customers’ line of business. By focusing on clearly-defined goals, we can continuously improve our risk and continuity management service to better support your operations. The standards and guidelines we use include ISO27001, ISO 31000, ISO22301, COBIT as well as the Finnish government’s Vahti guidelines.  

Risk management – know the risks

From an isolated risk assessment to comprehensive cultivation of risk management.

Continuity management

Protect your operational continuity during disruptions

Confidential information must be protected!

When processing personal information, remember

  • the EU Data Protection Regulation
  • the Finnish Personal Data Act
  • the Finnish Act on the Openness of Government Activities
  • the Finnish Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life
  • the Finnish Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications.

Compliance Management

Bringing requirements under unified compliance management
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Information Security Management

Do you control your information security or does it control you?
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