Advanced threat monitoring and mitigation service (Nixu ATMM)

Nixu’s advanced threat monitoring and mitigation service (ATMM) is a flexible and cost efficient way to ramp-up organization’s SOC capability. Nixu ATMM can utilize your existing security monitoring sensors and adapt to your operational security processes.

With Nixu ATMM service you get the visibility on the security status of your environment and the ability to handler security incidents in a controlled way.
Building and operating an in-house Security Operations Center is not an easy task. In order to make the SOC operational there are lot of things that need to be in place:
  • Sensors that are able to detect security threats and attacks
  • Capability to provide centralized view on different sensors and threat landscape. I.e. situational awareness
  • Capability to analyze different kinds of threats and alerts
  • Capability to mitigate, investigate and recover from security incidents
Creating and especially maintaining these capabilities in-house is often too expensive, as they require specially trained personnel, equipment and tools. If you do not want to make heavy investments on having all of this in-house then SOC as a service makes a lot of sense. 
Nixu ATMM service is designed to meet the objectives of different kind of organizations and needs. You can start out with once per week monitoring of security events from your existing sensors and you can grow the service when needed. If needed Nixu ATMM service is able to provide you 24/7 service that covers everything from installing and configuring advanced sensors, monitoring and maintaining them to analyzing security and resolving security incidents. 



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