Web Application Audit

Web applications are continuously exposed to attacks sourcing from the internet. With Web Application Audit you ensure that your application does not have vulnerabilities which could lead to information theft or denial of service.

Web applications are nowadays the core for any network business. The threats commonly related to the web applications may cause damage to the business or harm the corporate image. The web application must protect itself from the attacker since for example firewall or reliable hosting environment can not prevent attacks on the application level.

Nixu audits dozens different kinds of web applications every year. We audit the security of public web sites, such as web shops and customer service applications, as well as intranet applications. In addition to auditing the most critical security controls of web applications we also audit payment systems and perform exhaustive penetration testing. Because web applications are different, the web application assessments include expert work for detecting characteristic vulnerabilities and logical errors of the system, in addition to using automated tools.
Vulnerabilities and risks with the potential of a system compromise and loss of confidential information have been found in most web applications assessed by Nixu. After implementing our recommended fixes the security of these web applications have increased significantly.
Audit your web application

Audit your web application and fix the found vulnerabilities before the publication date. Also audit it after all significant changes, as new features tend to bring new vulnerabilities.

Web application vulnerability scanning

Web site vulnerability scan finds the typical problems efficiently even from bigger sites Vulnerability scan is also the first phase of all web application assessments, and the results of the scan are always complemented with the proper work of Nixu’s expert.

Penetration testing

Nixu’s experienced penetration testers assess the security of the web application thoroughly.The found vulnerabilities are exploited as in real attack scenario, and the attacks can also lead to compromise of internal systems.