The Finnish state administration

The information processing and information risk management of the Finnish state administration is undergoing a complete overhaul. While the state's data administration resources are being reduced and restructured, the jungle of requirements is becoming increasingly impenetrable.

The Finnish government's goal is to increase the number of convenient electronic services for its staff and customers while reducing the bureaucracy involved. Achieving this goal will require reliable technical controls and monitoring mechanisms. Intelligent situational awareness systems and tested operating processes that cover even exceptional situations ensure smooth operation for both centralised services and those intended for specific administrative branches. 

Nixu provides services for all government organisations and their collaborative partneres in the private sector, both under Hansel framework agreements and as a subcontractor for the Finnish State Treasury's Government IT Shared Service Centre. Our projects and services are supported by different state administration compliance frameworks, such as the Finnish National security auditing criteria KATAKRI as well as the Finnish information security level and ICT contingency planning guidelines


Helping you meet the Finnish National security audit criteria.
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The Finnish government’s information security levels and ICT contingency planning

Ensuring compliance with the Finnish Vahti guidelines and information security regulations.
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Situational awareness & Network Security

Continuous information security monitoring and high security network implementations.
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