Voice of Nixuans


“After finishing my Masters in data communications at Helsinki University of Technology, I worked as an information security consultant for several years before joining Nixu in 2009. I am currently leading our Risk Management team and also provide consulting services to our customers on risks and business continuity. There is no mystery about information security; it merely requires attention to basics. It should form a considered factor in every aspect of daily working routines.”

“I find my current duties challenging and interesting, and I appreciate the fact that I have a say in arranging my own work schedules and working environment. This has helped me to harmonize work and family life effectively.”

“I joined Nixu in 2008 and I currently lead a Situational awareness and network security team, seeking to give our customers the ability to monitor their information security in real time. My previous work experience included managing projects and measuring service quality.”
“Nixu is an agile company providing opportunities to pursue a wide range of projects. I have personally been involved in various initiatives, including penetration testing for online banking systems and major access management and log management projects.”
“In my experience customers appreciate the professionalism and opinions of Nixuans.”

“I joined Nixu from an IT consultancy company in 2011 after spending some considerable time thinking about my next career goal. I had previously worked in implementation projects involving long-term system construction using selected technologies, and so it had been hard to stay abreast of the latest industry trends. In my current role I get to find out about highly diverse systems and to discuss solutions with developers, which also helps me to enhance my own design skills.”
“The importance of information security is growing as networking becomes the global norm and people’s lives are increasingly linked to various online services. I enjoy helping development teams to avoid pitfalls by providing projects with a new perspective and concrete knowledge of vulnerabilities from the very beginning. It isn’t hard to build information security into software, as long as this aspect is considered right from the start. When approaching a customer as a Nixuan I always enjoy the boost that comes from the good reputation of this company and the certainty that it can provide in-house expertise in all fields of information security.”

“After working for many years at the same company I was keen to advance my career without leaving the information security sector. Nixu was an attractive option, as it provided the opportunity to work as a consultant in a flexible and dynamic working environment. I was also interested in working with new colleagues and facing a wide range of different projects.”

“I consider Nixu the leading specialist enterprise in its field, and I appreciate the variety on our customer base. It was clear from the beginning that this career step would give me a chance to use my existing skills and to acquire new competencies. The opportunity for continual development really is the best thing about Nixu.”