Retail and payment industries

How to ensure continuity of payments and secure consumer data?

For e-commerce and payment transfer companies, ensuring the continuity of operations is the most important part of information security. Goods must be delivered from warehouses to stores, and cash registers must accept credit card payments. Additionally, the PCI DSS standard sets stringent requirements for protecting credit card information, and the EU Data Protection Regulation requires the protection of consumer information.

In e-commerce, all online services provided by a company should be available to customers through a single view. An additional benefit of the Single Customer View philosophy is the improved protection of personal information and privacy it provides.

Nixu offers a wide range of services for commercial customers, such as security audits, consulting and auditing of PCI DSS requirements as well as development of user management systems for consumer Web services.

Our strengths include extensive consultation services for both commercial operators as well as for payment transfer and banking clients and their IT service partners. All in all, Nixu's consultants can provide a comprehensive outlook of the challenges and opportunities of the entire value chain.

Information Security Inspections

Security auditing services from PCI audits to information system intrusion testing
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PCI Preparation

First step to PCI compliance.
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