Java deserialization vulnerability (CVE-2015-4852) more widespread than expected

By Teemu Kääriäinen

Vulnerability CVE-2015-4852 has been detected in widely used Apache Commons Collections library. The vulnerable library in question is in use in various software, such as WebLogic.

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These 30 vulnerabilities are used to attack critical infrastructure

By Juha-Matti Laurio
Information security authorities recently published a list of the most common vulnerabilities used in attacks against critical infrastructure organisations.
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How to disclose a vulnerability responsibly

By Juha-Matti Laurio
Last March there were a couple of interesting vulnerability disclosures that merit a closer look from a disclosure point of view.
In early March, payment-processing software from the Finnish vendor Basware was discovered to have two vulnerabilities that can be used for e.g. creating fake transactions.
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