Detect and prevent - Nixu participated in SANS Institute’s ICS Security Summit

By Kalle Luukkainen

In addition to building layers of protection, cyber security for the Industrial Internet requires situational awareness.

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Defending against cyber threats with Security Operations Center

By Ville Hollanti

During the last weeks we have been very busy reshaping our Security Operations Center (SOC) to be part of a modern cyber defense center service.

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Implementing cost-effective cyber security (part 2 of 2)

By Pekka Viitasalo
This post continues on the theme that began in yesterday's post.
One characteristic of command and control channels is permanence. Setting up a monitoring system is fairly simple: the goal is to find all permanent TCP connections between an internal network address A and en external address B. The TCP connection does not have remain constant but the endpoints do.
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Implementing cost-effective cyber security (part 1 of 2)

By Pekka Viitasalo

If an attacker can be prevented from getting the goods, the attack has failed and no significant harm is done.

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