Read Like an InfoSec Pro

By Anne Oikarinen (en)

Summer holidays are coming and we asked our security specialists and consultants what is on their reading lists. For the pros out there, the list we got is no surprise as it is full of modern classics of penetration testing and related topics, ranging from iOS hacking to risk assessments. In the newer end we have Kevin Mitnick's new Art of Invisibility that delves into details of operational security. For those with unlimited data plans, there's also a couple of interesting e-books and e-learning material available.

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The cloud is as secure as you make it

By Niki Klaus (en)

It is easy to appreciate why cloud is quickly becoming a backbone for many companies today because of its superior flexibility, accessibility, and capacity compared to traditional online computing and storage methods.

However, the transfer of services and the data contained in them outside the company network and management of companies raises concern among many CIOs, especially when it comes to cybersecurity and information security.

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GDPR - What happens after May 25th 2018?

By Annika Biberg

Is your organization overwhelmed with completing GDPR project activities? Nixu meets many organizations where all focus is on the project and how to reach the project goals. But what happens after 25 May 2018? How will the business benefits of GDPR be secured over time?

It is early in the project that maintenance should be considered and planned for. That is because compliance with GDPR takes ongoing work and if the project does not plan for this the risk is that the organization is not sufficiently compliant in a long-term perspective.

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The transparent Internet user – how do you gain his trust?

By Anna Rossi (en)

Many times have we heard that data is the new oil. If you know how to use it right, it will offer you endless opportunities. Online customer data is no different. If you possess large amounts of data about Internet users and the right customer group profiles, you have every possibility to make people interested in your products and services.


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Architecture of European Privacy

By Liisa Holopainen (en)

With all eyes on GDPR, are we missing the bigger picture? A comprehensive privacy project should cover all applicable blocks of the European privacy architecture.

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Speed up business with privacy

By Mikko Nurmi
Dear reader, let’s make a deal? I promise not to mention a single word about the threats of the new Data Protection Regulation and you promise to read this blog all the way to the end, with thought. Instead of intimidation, I will tell you research information about the Finnish consumers’ attitudes on sharing their personal information and thoughts to speed up eCommerce. Deal?

The imporance of privacy to business

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New EU Data Protection Regulation – changes to companies’ models of operation to be expected

By Harri Vilander

The Data Protection Regulation will set out a number of new obligations to enterprises. Some of the most important reforms described in this blog post.

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Safe Harbor declared invalid? – part 2/2

By Harri Vilander

In the previous blog post, we presented the EU Court of Justice’s decision that declared the Safe Harbor agreement. The decision means that the personal data of Europeans, in light of the current situation, can no longer be transferred to the USA under the Safe Harbor agreement.

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Safe Harbor declared invalid? – Part 1/2

By Harri Vilander

The transfer of personal data beyond the borders of the European Union is allowed only when it’s also possible to ensure an adequate level of privacy protection in the data’s destination country. For specific countries, the EU has decided that their local privacy protection law is adequate to ensure that a European level of privacy protection can be fulfilled.

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