Your Insecure Printer is a Playground for Cyber Criminals

By Anne Oikarinen (en)

Did you know your office or home printer could pose a security threat?

Recently, a hacker printed ASCII art out of 160,000 printers. About a year ago, a security researcher revealed how thousands of misconfigured enterprise printers can be used as an anonymous file sharing platform. And just last October, printers and other vulnerable IoT products enslaved in the Mirai botnet created DDoS volumes never seen before.  No wonder that some consider printers are one of the most insecure devices.

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Defending against cyber threats with Security Operations Center

By Ville Hollanti

During the last weeks we have been very busy reshaping our Security Operations Center (SOC) to be part of a modern cyber defense center service.

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Information security of industrial internet brings a competitive edge

By Kalle Luukkainen

Finnish manufacturing industry is heading towards industrial internet at full speed.

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