CrashOverride – a threat to electricity networks?

By Jarkko Holappa

The latest analyses of malware targeting automation systems, published in early June, are yet another reminder of the ability of such online threats to cause physical damage. While it is not new, this malware known as CrashOverride or Industroyer, has remained relatively unknown to the general public. It is thought to have made its debut in a cyber attack against a power grid in Ukraine in December 2016, causing an outage in Kiev lasting about an hour.

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Increase in CEO Frauds During Summer - Online Scammers Target Temps

By Antti Nuopponen (en)

As the summer holidays are approaching, companies should once again pay attention to the handling of payments.

CEO fraud scams have been increasing in volume and variety for several years. Especially during vacation times, cyber criminals take advantage of the opportunity that arises when offices are manned by temporary workers and the probability of a successful scam is higher than usual.

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GDPR - What happens after May 25th 2018?

By Annika Biberg

Is your organization overwhelmed with completing GDPR project activities? Nixu meets many organizations where all focus is on the project and how to reach the project goals. But what happens after 25 May 2018? How will the business benefits of GDPR be secured over time?

It is early in the project that maintenance should be considered and planned for. That is because compliance with GDPR takes ongoing work and if the project does not plan for this the risk is that the organization is not sufficiently compliant in a long-term perspective.

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Greetings from the Vienna IAEA Information Security Conference

By Jarkko Holappa

By now, it should be evident that information security is an integral part of nuclear safety.

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