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Joonatan Henriksson

Joonatan Henriksson

Head of Digital Business

Helen Oy is a Finnish energy company that specializes in the production of electricity and district heating and cooling and the distribution and sale of energy. With more than 400,000 customers across Finland, Helen has received recognition for its energy production operations, lauded as the world’s most efficient.

The challenge

As part of its high-quality, modern customer services, Helen offers its corporate and private customers various electronic services, including real-time monitoring of energy consumption. To access these services, the users had to verify their identity for each service separately as the system did not enable access via a single user account. Due to the high number of customers, the management of these services proved a drain on resources, particularly for the customer service team. At the same time, increase in information security risks and competition for customers pose additional challenges to the digital service operations.

Helen decided to overhaul its system by building a sustainable service platform to facilitate the efficient utilization of customer identities. The goal was to deliver better customer experience, offer easier access to electronic services, decrease customer service costs and improve information security.

Our solution

By making it easier for customers to register for the service and to verify their identity, Helen can offer a better customer experience, while improvements in access right management contribute to higher self-service adoption levels. This way, Helen can offer a modern and efficient electronic service system that is available to customers 24/7 without repeated customer service requests.

With the new system, private customers can register as users and manage their services themselves. In the case of corporate customers, a designated administrator can manage user accounts and access rights within the company as required. The new solution enables the automation of several basic functionalities and the utilization of the customer account to access services provided by Helen’s partners.

Customer benefit

The benefits of the new system manifest themselves as increased customer satisfaction, more efficient operations and lower costs. The improved electronic services have contributed to an increase in the popularity of self-services, which helps to reduce the customer service team’s workload and allows resources to be targeted to more critical areas, such as the sale of energy solutions.

This way, the customer service can focus on offering true added value to customers, which increases job satisfaction among the team. Last but not least, the information security features of the new system, produced by Nixu, are of top quality, helping to minimize the risks involved in electronic services and to facilitate efficient risk management.



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    • Joonatan Henriksson

      Joonatan Henriksson

      Head of Digital Business

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