Simple monitoring of outsourced IT operations

simple monitoring outsourced it
Markku Rapo

Markku Rapo

Sales Manager

The company offers communication and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. It has more than 40,000 employees.

The challenges

The company has outsourced some of its IT operations to outsourcing agents. In order to create good internal control and improved cooperation with suppliers, the company decided to implement the monitoring of contractual compliance. In order to obtain the best effect, the monitoring shall provide a basis for continuous improvement of both cooperation and future agreement content. In order to ensure long-term and sustainable improvements, a new approach was required, with systematic monitoring of suppliers and agreements.

Our solution

Our solution was to provide a simple and pragmatic method for monitoring the company's outsourced IT operations. We also conducted IT audits of most of the outsourcing agreement in accordance with the new method. A risk assessment was conducted and, based on the new working method, checkpoints were selected together with the company. The IT audit was conducted by a team of IT auditors and technical specialists at the outsourcing provider’s premises.

We presented a methodological description of processes, roles and responsibilities, as well as instructions for carrying out IT audits of the outsourced operations. An audit report containing deficiencies and recommended improvements for all parties was prepared. We also provided a final presentation with a visualization of the results.

Customer benefit

With the help of the new working method, the company can systematically and continuously improve its outsourced IT operations. Following the audit, the company has enjoyed a better dialogue with its outsourcing suppliers and good opportunities to strengthen its role as a client. The agreement has been improved by remedying deficiencies, both on a regular basis and through renegotiation. Proactive monitoring work ensures the continuity of operations.

This case was conducted by Safeside Solutions AB, now part of Nixu Corporation.

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