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Cybersecurity of digital services
Sakari Pihlhjerta

Sakari Pihlhjerta

Sales Manager

The LocalTapiola Group is a Finnish mutual group of companies that offers a vast array of insurance, investment and saving services to private and corporate customers. In LocalTapiola’s line of business, the customer’s trust is the key to success and information security is therefore critical to ensure that sensitive information does not end up in the wrong hands. Uninterrupted operation of online services is also crucial to the customer experience.

The Challenge

The key personnel at LocalTapiola had concluded that even extensive investments in equipment and software would not be enough to provide 100% threat coverage. Technology-based systems are inflexible and poorly suited to an environment where threats are constantly taking on new forms. They realized that the company's approach must be adapted by shifting the focus from threat prevention to threat identification and rapid threat response.

The goal was to build a cybersecurity system that focuses especially on identifying, analyzing, and quickly and efficiently reacting to major business threats. Additionally, the system had to be as flexible as possible and able to adapt to changes in the threat environment.


Companies and organizations all around the world are working fiercely to protect themselves against increased and quickly evolving cyber threats. A model in which an organization protects itself by constantly purchasing new technologies is no longer enough


Our solution

Nixu Cyber Defense Center (Nixu CDC) service, provides real-time supervision of digital environments, intrusion investigation as well as an up-to-date snapshot of the organization’s web service threats. As a result, LocalTapiola now has access to an agile defense system that combines the latest in cybersecurity technology with the skills of top professionals in the field.

The Nixu CDC cybersecurity service was piloted for a number of months in its intended, real-world environment. During the pilot, the service proved its ability to deliver strong results by identifying tangible threats. As seamless, trouble-free cooperation with service providers is essential for LocalTapiola, the piloting stage involved additional service compatibility tests with the company's other partners. The piloting stage was concluded and the service was officially commissioned on June 1, 2016.

Customer benefit

The system functions automatically once the required parameters are set correctly. No day-to-day tending is required: anomalies and other observations are reported based on a predetermined timetable and alarms are generated only when a major threat is detected.

The flexible, cost-effective Nixu Cyber Defense Center service is scalable to the needs of both small- and medium-sized businesses and corporate clients. There is no need to invest in short-lifecycle technology or internal skills management; it is Nixu's job to continuously develop and improve the service and maintain the systems which require special expertise.

“Nixu CDC service has allowed us to move on from defending ourselves against security risks to identifying them, which is crucial in a digitized, networked and very complex business environment. The professional skills of Nixu’s experts combined with modern technology guarantee that we can foresee and react more and more quickly to escalating information security threats,says Leo Niemelä, the Chief Security Officer at LocalTapiola.

This customer case was originally published as a press release on October 12, 2016.

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