Suzanne Rijnbergen to Head Nixu Cyber Defense Center in the Benelux

Matthijs van der Wel

Matthijs van der Wel

Benelux Market Area Leader

July 11, 2019 at 15:37

As per July 1st, Suzanne Rijnbergen, MBA joins the Nixu team in Amsterdam to head our Cyber Defence Center (CDC) in the Benelux. Our internationally established CDC provides continuous monitoring and remediation of security threats on behalf of clients for both IT, IoT and ICS environments.

Suzanne Rijnbergen

In this new capacity, Suzanne will be responsible for our Managed Security Services for IT, IoT and ICS in the Benelux region. The Benelux CDC will be led from Amsterdam, which also serves as international OT/ICS Excellence Center. It will closely collaborate with Nixu’s CDC in Espoo, Finland. Suzanne also joins the Nixu Benelux Management team, headed by Matthijs van der Wel, Benelux Market Leader. With Suzanne, we add another highly experienced and seasoned professional to our team in the Benelux region.

“ I am excited to join Nixu and am looking forward to focusing on building the Managed Security Services capacity under Nixu’s CDC-umbrella. I have a 13-year track record in the field of information security, and before before joining Nixu I worked at various IT- and ICS security organizations in the Netherlands, including Fox-IT, the Dutch Forensic Institute, Digital Intelligence, TNO, KPN-Security and most recently at Forescout Technologies. My palette of experience includes business development, strategy and management, and I hope my vast experience in OT/ICS and IT security will benefit the business.”Suzanne says. 

Matthijs van der Wel, Market Leader Benelux says: “I am incredibly pleased to welcome Suzanne to the team. We have known each other for a long time and our paths have professionally crossed multiple times over the years. I know our company will greatly benefit from her addition to the team. I can’t think of a better person to further expand our company’s CDC activities in the Benelux region. There is much to be gained in this market on behalf of businesses looking to secure their continuity of trade. Looking forward to meeting these specific market requirements under Suzanne’s highly skilled supervision.”

Suzanne can be reached via Suzanne.Rijnbergen[at]