From panic to hope – The lifecycle of cybersecurity talk

Thomas Wong

Thomas Wong

Audit & Advice Business Manager

September 16, 2019 at 09:04

The cybersecurity industry’s current mood is no longer fear but seeing opportunities. Instead of saying “no,” I’d say: “Let’s see, how we can do this securely.”


Not that many years ago, many saw cybersecurity as an IT problem and entirely apart from other business risks. Cybersecurity wasn’t even seen close to something C-level need to be involved with. Solutions were pitched as an almost magic-like thing. Only a few fully understood the products or what the products entailed precisely.

What was very clearly understood was the underlying message: “if you don’t do this, something bad will happen.” I’m sure nobody intended to be a fearmonger, but it was a new thing and the topic needed attention.

I’m not in marketing, so I don’t know if this branding of security still works, and I don’t think it even matters. The message of fear is limiting in many ways. On a personal note, I don’t like to spread fear, and even worse, stop progress by saying “no,” instead of saying “let’s see, how we can do this securely.”

So, if we are not here as a company to sell fear, what are we doing? For us Nixuans, the answer is clear: “We help organizations embrace digitalization securely.”

For us Nixuans, the answer is clear: “We help organizations embrace digitalization securely.”

So, I’m happy times has changed. Nowadays, when we go into a meeting, we are seen as the people who help the company to understand the risk of evolving cybersecurity. They enable the right people to make their own decisions on the best possible foundation.

We don’t make decisions or take risks on behalf of our customers. However, with the knowledge and love we have for security and technology, we can help customers succeed in their own digitalization process.

Cybersecurity might have been born out of fear, but it has grown to represent opportunities.

If you seek a dialog about how digitalization can be done right, give me a call. I love every aspect of security, and those who knows me, also know I love to talk about it.


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