Dream of online shopping without registration and login

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Nixu Blog

January 23, 2017 at 10:30

Many digital service developers have a dream. It is a dream where no customer is bothered with registration or logging in. It is a dream where a customer can switch between channels and get always the perfect personalized experience, without ever sharing anything about him or herself.

I want to challenge this dream. I challenge and promise right from the start that the customer experience doesn’t need to be a nightmare regardless that we get to know the customer with registration and login.

Registration nightmare

The dream is though very understandable for anyone who has used online services. Too many digital services have nightmarishly bad user experience for registration and login. It appears that this subject gets often dismissed when designing the service. Bypassing registration and login on the drawing board, maybe due to that distant dream, leads to bad customer experience. The task for registration and login falls to developer’s desk as raw as so called ready-to-eat avocado on the market shelf. The developer then typically ends up in using whatever tools the eCommerce platform might have out-of-the-box. And the result feels like chewing a raw avocado.

Right tools for the job

We probably agree that knowing your customers well, you can generate better business. For example, through personalization and more efficient marketing.

Registration is a process in digital services that increases our knowledge of the customer by getting first party data directly from the customer. Login is a process that connects the user to the customership in all channels. Bad customer experience is the consequence of inadequate planning and wrong tools. Registration done right does not weaken the customer experience and it can even be used to increase customer trust for the service. And as for login, there are many better and safer methods than the traditional username and password.

Solutions, which have tools for registration and login, are called Digital Identity platforms. With these and many other tools, Digital Identity platforms can provide business processes and analytics with valuable rich and quality first party customer data.

Digital identity value proposition

Value proposition of digital identity is about converting unknown visitors into loyal customers. In short, it’s all about developing knowing your customer better and developing your customer relationships.

Maybe the dream should not live on

Instead of focusing to treat symptoms of the bad customer experience, it is better to concentrate on the causes. For best results, Digital identity should be worked at on the strategic level, taken into account in service design as well as when defining customer paths.

We at Nixu help businesses to utilize digital identities in best possible ways. Would you like to hear how digital identity could improve customer experience and increase profits of your eCommerce business. Or how registration and login can work like a dream? Contact us!