DDoS Bingo

André Koot

Lead Security Consultant

February 9, 2018 at 10:19

Recently a number of Dutch banks and government institutes suffered from DDoS attacks. Bank sites and payment services were not accessible for many hours.

Soon, massive speculation began. Who was behind these attacks and why did those happen all of a sudden. And was it ‘all of a sudden’? Or were these attacks related to the discovery of the snooping by Dutch secret services on the Russian Cozy Bear hackers who interfered with the US elections?

All Dutch news sites and newspapers posted their analysis, posting multiple articles, interviewing famous Dutch counter-terrorism spokespersons, all of them discussing the complexity, magnitude, and sophistication of the attacks leading to the outage. And at that time all leading to the same nonconclusion - We don’t know anything..

In fact, if you would look back in time, you could almost predict the content of all these articles. I did. And I came up with the DDoS Bingo card:

DDoS Bingo


I believe it to be still accurate in the years to come.

But you can use it in a different way too. Whenever you encounter a DDoS attack and if you need to publish a post about it, just pick any of the 10 terms and, behold, you can show that you are a subject matter expert in the field of DDoS attacks :)