Club it up! How skiing brings cybersecurity experts together

February 20, 2019 at 17:40

At Nixu, we love spending time with our colleagues both on and off the clock. That’s why we started a hobby club system where the company funds some of its employees’ favorite off-work activities. It all starts with a shared passion:

I just love downhill skiing, exclaims Victor SantAnna, the founder of the Nixu Skiing club.  

And so do 30 more Nixuans, which is reason enough to pack skis and helmets and go conquer some of Europe’s most beautiful mountains. The Nixu Skiing club is just one of the many hobby clubs Nixuans have started over the years. The vast cavalcade of clubs has something for everyone: wine for theculinaristas, paintball for the fearless and golf for the birdie hunters to name a few. We even have our own virtual club for hungry hamburger lovers, a group of dedicated foodies with the goal of finding and scoring the best burgers the world has to offer. 

Nixu Skiing Club


How to club it up

No matter the topic, the rules for founding a club are simple: 

  1. Pick something you’re interested in
  2. Find five fellow Nixuans who share your interest
  3. Make the necessary arrangements
  4. Just do it

… and Nixu will take part in the costs. 

For Nixuans, by Nixuans

Nixu is built on a passion for cybersecurity. However, the big C is not all we’re interested in. The idea behind hobby clubs is to bring the Nixu family closer together. Clubs are for everyone to spend time doing what they love – regardless of work experience, position or native language. After all, it takes no more than some refined taste buds to enjoy a good whiskey tasting.  

Back to the skiing club. Why would anyone voluntarily spend time with colleagues on their free time – isn’t the weekly dose of 40 hours enough? 

It’s totally different. On the hill, we’re just a bunch of people sharing the same interests and having a hell of a time. And naturally it’s a lot easier to work together when you know your colleagues well. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll end up making good friends, Victor says. 

The Skiing club is one of the most active clubs at Nixu. The highlight of the year is a trip to one of the top skiing destinations in Europe. This year’s destination was Grindelwald, Switzerland. Victor himself enjoys organizing the trips for the whole group. 

In my experience, it takes one Peruvian guy to bring a bunch of Finns together. But once they’re in, they’re in. We have the usual suspects myself included – hitting the slopes every year, but I’m glad to see that we also have some new faces each time. For me, the more, the merrier!

We are constantly looking for new skiers, board gamers and orienteers to join our team. Check out our current openings and apply!

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